Encryption And Security

What is the most secure payment gateway? What is the most secure merchant account? What makes SecureTrans payment gateway more secure than all others?

Good questions, we are happy to answer.

SecureTrans does not use a key solutions that are previous generation security. Unlike other companies, SecureTrans trasmits each credit card transaction information using a dedicated KEY for that transaction - specific to the transaction - and only for that transaction. It is embedded within the packs that are transmitted securely. The transaction information which includes the credit card information is itself vaulted (ie. encrypted).

In addition, each point of transfer uses a special 1024 bit key (unlike the next best encryption leader that only uses 256 bit key) that only allows the two points (server transmitting the vaulted credit card information and the bank for processing the transaction for authorization and capture) to communicate and transfer and recognize and accept the data transmitted.

While providing integration flexibility, every aspect of our platform has high-level encryption embedded and security monitoring in place for protection of important information, both for transmission security and the data itself. The multiple layers of security, embedded and non-transparent, makes it nearly impossible to view a transaction without permission, not even with super fast computers, super laptops. super computers, brute force software techniques, or even a major effort by a nation to break the codes. In fact the two certificate technology is used by nuclear bunkers to protect the facility from outside hacks by countries that spend a major effort to test its systems.

To put the various layers of security measures into prospective (including the digital certificates and the multi-encryption of data and its transmission) and include the odds of breaking into the system using advancing computer software and systems, it would be equivalent to a person winning the lottery every single day for the next 140 years.

Merchant account processing also includes another layer of security and cardholder protection via AVS (Address Verification Service) and CVV2 (the code at the back of the credit card) to ensure that the card being used for purchase is authentic and being used by authorized cardholder. There is additionally, an e-commerce indicator security embedded with the transmission of the card data and fraud detection and protection, live 24/7 protecting the purchase and the payment processing.

All databases are encrypted and protected and exporting credit card information meets stringent industry regulations and the SecureTrans Payment Gateway has a major aspect of its architecture (Encryptions Servers and Networking equipment) focused and devoted completely to security monitoring, prevention measures, and protection.

All credit card information is stored encrypted and updated completely securely (for subscription clients that needed monthly processing of the card and the updating of the expiry date or adding additional cards). All transmission between servers are encrypted as well as transmission between our payment gateway servers and the banking interchange, payment processing, merchant account providers, and merchant banks.

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