Credit Card Payment Processing

Payment processing the the most significant aspect of post-sales process since without collecting the money for its sales, a merchant cannot stay in business. But these days you have to add to that, not just collecting the revenue for your sales, but also the timely receipt of your proceeds directly into your bank account to make sure you have the funds to pay for your business expenses and you can re-invest the rest into the business or put aside as business reserve. No business can survive very long if they don't receive their revenue efficiently, quickly, and reliably. Credit card payment processing gives business and corporations the most efficent and secure way to get payments from your customers. Well over a 1$ trillion of credit payments are being proceeds each year in United States alone, and much more, globally. If you want to succed in business and seriously grow your sales and marketshare, locally or globally, you need to accept credit card payments from your customers for your goods and service.


Payment Processing

SecureTrans provides payment processing services, including payment gateway (designed and developed in 1998 and updated since), transaction processing services, merchant processing for Internet and retail businesses and companies, and merchant accounts.

In brief, we provide automated, real-time, credit card merchant processing services.

Our transaction processing services include the secure payment gateway and processing services and support to accept credit card payments from your customers and to process the credit card payment in real-time. Our one-stop, complete, payment solution can be implemented in various types of businesses and companies, from a simple Website to a very large internal backend system with database and shopping cart servers. In every case, automated payment processing reduce operating expenses and reduces the time for having immediate access to funds from sales. For instance, without automated credit cad processing a merchant will have to accept checks and physically take the checks to the bank and wait for them to be deposited and wait a few days for the funds to be made available in his/her business bank account.

Automated payment processing in real-time also increase customer satisfaction and improves covnersion ratio since customers now have the flexibility to use their credit cards to make a payment and get the goods and services they need instantly. With millions of US based merchants accepting credit card payments from their customers and more than $800 billion transactions globally, businesses and companies cannot be without credit card processing in this global electronic commerce processing network.

  • Transaction Processing PioneerProduct Features
    Since 1998, SecureTrans has been providing services for clients and have learned what they need and adapted its services offerings to meet their demands. Regarded as one of the best transaction processing services in industry, we still think that there is always room for enhancements and never sit idle just because we are ahead of our competitors. Our transaction servers offer amazing features such as the most advanced tax calculation software, already integrated - and the most advanced shipping management systems, as well as integrated security. There is extensive use of fulfillment messeging, digital delivery of software and content upon payment confirmation, subscription and membership system, multiple-product processing (a software downloaded and a CD mailed), advanced transaction recording and management servers offering extensive marketing analysis and sales tools, as well as mobile phone integrated technology, for both shoppers and merchants, whether point-of-sale access or reporting and reporting.
  • Merchant Account Support ServicesSupport 24/7
    Exception support services - 24/7 - ready and prepared to provide you with the most amazing customers service you have ever experienced. The helpdesk team are available on the phone and can be reached 27/7 with lesst than a minute waiting time, if any. They have access to your accounts full setting and each modify your account settings as per your request. Each client has a dedicated account manager that can help you and fully aware of your system settings and your preferences. You will feel that your transaction processing is in hands of an angel. You will be always respected and helped as efficiently and expediently as possible. No exceptions.

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