Latest SecureTrust Released by SecurTrans

A secure environment that will larger companies move their backend computer systems and mission-critical secure application servers onto a Web-based environment for access by employees, suppliers, partners, and customers.

We are happy to annonce the release of the new version of SecureTrust (TM), the application server that will allow your staff, partners, and customers have access to important information via secure accessibility.

Every e-business wants to take advantage of marketing, selling, and supporting their products and services to online customers. In order to do so successfully, there is a need for a trusted and secure online environment where developers and systems managers can enhance, upgrade, monitor, secure, and manage application servers while concurrently allowing partners and suppliers access the network and the customers use the environment to find products and services they want, make purchasing decisions, and after delivery, can obtain support and customer care.

SecureTrust (TM) empowers e-businesses (and all other organizations and traditional companies) to transfer the business processes away from the back office closed environment and push to the front-end where everything can be accessed via the Web.

This often results in incredible cost savings and dramatic reduction of dependency on local resources to manage and maintain the application server environment. The customer relations can also be improved by leaps and bounds and a faster response time can be achieved for businesses under constant pressure for change and adoption of newer technologies and marketing and promotional tools, for instance, social media marketing.

SecureTrust is prodominantly an electronic security environment, but however, can be the overall environment that application servers are housed and access is monitored and regulated.

If you have a Website, selling products and goods electronically, performing shipment and fulfillment, providing a shopping cart software with or without an electronic catalog, with a secure payment processing system, integrated payment gateway, full transaction processing server integration, order management, customer database, customer relational management software, enterprise resource management, or a complete Web system for enterprise e-business, then you should consider SecureTrust with integrated security and encryption technologies to protect your existing Web enviroment or build yourself a SecureTrust application server enviroment from scratch.

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