Payment Gateway

What is a payment gateway? Do I need a payment gateway if I want to accept credit card payments from my customers? Can I buy a payment gateway and use for myself or is it a service that I have to get and pay for monthly? Can I develop payment gateway myself and not pay for a service or product?

Yes, you will need a payment gateway (of some sort) to accept credit card payments from your customers.

You can use a third-party payment gateway, if you can accept its associated issues and problems.

It is hard to imagine that most companies would have the ability to develop their own payment gateway, and the servers and security and networking equipment and management needed to connect to the banking networks. And add to that the cost of management and maintenance and security monitoring and protection - it quickly becomes almost total nonsense for people to want to develop their own payment gateway. Unless they are a payment gateway service provider.

You can get a payment gateway service from most transaction processors. Their service or products usually include a payment gateway and a virtual terminal (a software based interface or an Internet browser based interface) for telephone order entry and manual processing.

Payment gateways are usually provided as a monthly service and the costs would be anywhere between $20/mo for an average gateway to $50/mo for a payment gateway with many features and functionality, such as subscription transactions, membership management module, virtual terminal, transaction refunds and credit, a fast real-time payment authorization, customer record management, user database, option of real-time transaction processing or manual processing with order approval prior to settlement and much more.

SecureTrans transaction processing payment gateway offers all the following:

> Support for Interchange banking network with 5,000+ bank members
> Support for certified bank transmission links with tunneling for security
> Support for fast processing via IPSec
> Process all types of credit cards, VISA, Mastercard, Am Ex, Discover, etc.
> Process debt card processing, eChecks, Diners, Carte Blanche, JCB
> Real-time transaction processing, management, and reporting
> Credit card verification service, AVS and CVV2
> Automatic data archiving, chargeback reports, and order history
> Full transaction authorization, settlement, capture, credit, and/or refund
> Process transaction with full shipping calculation, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and more
> Manual transaction processing with order approval before settlement
> Batch processing with capture features and conditions
> Supports Internet merchant account processing
> Support MOTO (mail-order-telephone-order) processing
> Support subscription and membership (single-level or multi-level subscriptions)
> Multi-tier subscription processing with integrated affiliate system
> Full customer and order database import and export
> Full credit card customer import for subscription processing
> Shipping label printing and integrated tracking
> Inventory management system
> Integrated shopping cart software
> Integrated web-based and (application based) Virtual Terminal
> Full username log-in and password protection and single-IP sign-on
> Full customization capability for back-end integration
> Advanced payment gateway features and functionality

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