Networking Enhancements

Every technology manager you speak with, has one thing on their mind when it comes to networking speed: When are we going to have faster merchant account transaction processing?

At a recent exhibition, SecureTrans systems were tested in front of the public in our labs and benchmarked against the top ten merchant account processors in United States and Canada.

Not only SecureTrans merchant account transaction processing was the leader in speed, by a very large margin, it also shined with its network monitoring software tools that can be managed using a Web-based interface.

What does this mean?

A merchant can use a secure line into their merchant account processing network and monitor the speed, the transaction processing, and the tracking of the authorization and settlement. This provides an instant read on the connectivity status of the merchant processing events and delivers it to the desktop using a web-based interface so that the power of an entire networking enviroment is in the hands of a merchant.

However, there is no fear of network intrusion, or an fear of threats against encryption process undertaken by the payment gateway servers.

This interface checks everything form order processing, campaigning, transaction authorization, credit cardholder location and IP routing, fraud control and management, and real-time credit card processing event management and monitoring services.

A merchant can even allow time slots for manual approval of the merchant account transaction depending on whether it is US originated transaction or if the order is being placed in a small country in Africa. All networking hops are monitored and presented live to the merchant for a complete view of what is going on.

Of course, it can also be set to automatic with a few general settings for preferrences on authorization, or card type, or country IP. But this system offers the power and flexibility that many merchants have been asking for ... for so long.

We are glad to deliver the latest and the best.

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