Merchant Account With Intrusion Alert

What security does a merchant account provide for you, both in terms of fraud, processing of stolen credit cards, and transaction laundering?

SecureTrans is leading the way in a new technological development for security and credit card protection. It is currently referred to as Merchant Account Intrusion Alert.

So, what is merchant account intrusion alert? Let us start by telling you about network security and how processing works and where the security threat exists.

There is a persistent problem with credit card processing and merchant account authorization, settlement, capture transaction processing. And this simply is that people with time on their hand, in far, far away countries can use network systems and computers and hacking software and rotating IP changing to try to breach a credit card processing network. The credit card numbers can be faked and the delivery of products or services (in particular, digital products and subscription and membership products that do not need a physical delivery address) can be at threat.

Be no means, is it easy for someone to hack into a credit card processing network and either steel credit cards for fradulent use or processing fradulent transactions. Merchant accounts are not easy to fool and there are often many merchant account parameters that needs to be integrated into a payment gateway before a transaction can be submitted to the networks for processing.

But, as difficult as this is and as many resources (computing) as may be needed for a breach, some people keep trying since they have time on their hands. has been working on advanced technologies for secure transaction processing since the late 1990's and with almost 15 years of experience, we have a few ironclad security techniques to stop those pests from far, far away lands or even those next door who are bent on fraud and theft of credit card processed goods and services.

A new product is under development and testing by SecureTrans which allows all transcactions submitted to our processing network and the payment gateway software to be packet separated, analyzed, tracked, IP verified, and we use a proprietary algorithm. Although very little information on this is released to the public regarding how it works, it is sufficient enough to say - that it creates a Footprint for a hacker and starts tracking the hacker.

The hacker is now tracked on its Footprint and a database is created to follow the hacker's move throughout the Internet and constantly tracks and monitors this hacker. Using verifiable data and tracking algorithm, the hacker cannot skape and when a transaction is submitted through the hacker's systems or methods, the transaction is tagged and the hacker is allowed to think that it is successful. Products and services may even be delivered, once this is dicussed and an arrangement is made with the authorities. The hacker or those who have used fradulent systems and credit cards are now a target and will be tracked down and arrested.

This new intrusion alert system will soon finish its testing and will become like a software appliance integrated with payment gateways to security and protection. The netwok utilizing this software appliance has multiple gigabit network links tracking the offender in extremely fast networking environment.

SecureTrans is focused on building the most secure networks for merchant account transaction processing.

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