Measure Of Our Devotion

Unlike other companies that devote most of their resources to NEW SALES, SecureTrans devoted most of its resources to existing customers. From our point of view, it is quite simple: 1) We keep our existing customers happy - hence they continue to stay with us for the quality of our products and service - logical since they are the reason we are in business; 2) Because of being completely customer-centric, we have exceptional support and customer; AND 3) Therefore, we have exceptional reputation for quality service and products in our industry and get referrals (new clients) from our existing customers and from industry analysts. To us, great service simply makes more sense. We devote 95% of our support resources (e.g. telephone lines and email contact) to supporting customers.


Revolutionary Payment Processing Solutions

Secure Transaction Processing is a very complex task and has many aspects that need to be considered carefully by a provider so that you don't have to. Customers like you would like a service that they pay for each month so that they don't have to have all the encryption systems and servers, security protection and monitoring, transaction handling, recording, and managmenet, and a host of reliability systems and software, as well as banking connection protocols and safeguards.

SecureTrans has revolutionized credit card transaction processing by offering merchant customers a set of options that best meet their specific needs while standardizing the highest possible security, reliablity, robustness, and high-performance.

Our multi-threaded payment gateway systems with the highest security features possible with merchant accounts from highly reputable banks that offer the lowest fees (as a result of our system's layers of security and protection) makes SecureTrans an unbeatable choice for your credit card processing, compared to all others.

  • Transaction Processing PioneerPowerful Features
    With nearly 15 years of experience in payment processing, in-house design and development of successive payment gateway systems and with access to the one of the most talented and high-level experts in security, encryption, banking transaction processing and order managment system, you will feel assured that you have the best payment processing company providing you with the service that you need. Our product features are unmatched by competitors, and offer superior performance and excellent support structure form the team that have developed the transaction processing systems and the payment gateway - all within your reach on the telephone - 24/7 and ready to assist you. SecureTrans platform is fully compatible with all types of payment transactions, for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debt Cards, eChecks, and a host of other card types (more than 40+), including government cards, Euro cards, Asian JBC, NatWest, corporate B2B cards, and many others. Additionally, our transaction processing platform offers an integrated security monitoring system, manual or automatic payment processing, comprehensive order management and recording system, all with fully monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Merchant Account Support ServicesSeamless Integration
    Merchant account connection through digital transmission networks connecting to multi-routing banking exchange and SecureTrans transaction management servers offer a totally seamless integration path for your Website and internal systems. Whether you are using a hosting server for your Website, or a small shop, restaurant, or hotel, or you have an extensive internal IT infrastructure with backend database, you can be totally confident that your systems will seamlessly integrate with our transaction processing platform and all your technical setup of merchant account, merchant processing servers, merchant processing network, payment gateway, interchange connections, and security will work together and deliver high performance reliability and speed without sacraficing security and robustness.
  • Merchant Account ServicesExpandable Architecture
    In-house developed transaction processing servers and merchant account banking interchange protocols use an Expandable Architeture designed and developed by SecureTrans since the company started in late 1990s. The architecture allows complete use of SecureIP (IPSec) over the Internet and secure-tunneling to transport payment transactions over secure digital lines with high rapid speeds of performance and reliability for very high volume transaction processing capacity, reaching in the orders of 100,000 transactions per second, per line, per server. Imagine at a standard connection of 30 seconds for a fully autorization and settlement/capture connection via the Interchange, our platform is capable of 3 million transactions without even using our backup servers for high-peak times. Even though the architecture is currently optimized and only uses approximately 3% our its capacity, still we have in place back-up servers (both for redundancy and security) that can step in and increase the utilization of only 3% to four-folds, or in other words, 24 million transactions per mintue. This is capacity that give you the assurance, that our systems can grow faster than imaginable.
  • Payment Gateway Merchant ProcessingExtensive Encryption and Security Measures
    In every aspect of our platform we have facilitated integration and with extensive list of integration and programming language interfaces offered for a proven and tested platform like that of SecureTrans, you need to make sure that every security hole is covered and there is high-level encryption and security monitoring in place protection important information. SecureTrans offers simple interfaces for integration through a wide range of APIs such as Java, Javascripts, Perl, PHP, Active X, Sockets, Pipes, C++, Ada, Ruby-on-Rails, and many others. These interfaces offer both transaction database exporting and credit card information and customer list importing (in the case you want to bring your customers from another payment gateway processor to SecureTrans). The importing and exporting performed at SecureTrans platform uses a comprehensive set of security measures (all automated yet fully monitored) for the transportation of data, securely and without contamination. This allows both easy integration with our customer's payment processing applications (shopping carts and backend database servers such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft MSQ, DBase, MySQL, Postgres, and 100s of others). See Transaction Processing Security Encryption.

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