API, Application Integration

For companies that have an existing back-end databases or an entire in-house developed application system, there is still a need to use an API to integrated SecureTrans e-commerce processing platform with their corporate application servers. We are often asked the question: How easy is it to integrate SecureTrans with an existing back-end application platform?

Answer: Extremely easy.

First, the APIs developed and supported by SecureTrans use technologies that are the backbone and infrastructural components of almost all back-end database driven application platforms developed by Fortune 5000 companies.

Both Windows enviroment and UNIX (almost all variants) are compatible, and in most cases, have a ready-to-use API that simply integrates with an existing application in your company.

Secondly, these APIs are designed to perform all the major tasks for merchant account processing, such as security systems, encryption servers, payment gateway services, and management and monitoring of the transaction processing events.

The API simply integrates with your application at every level of OSI open systems and can easily be tested while implementing an integration.

And finally, we understand for some companies integration to a back-end database enviroment for a merchant account processing in secure enviroments may be a daunting task and some applications are purchased from companies that offer a sophisticated system but an unsophisticated support structure. However, our APIs are designed and developed the the single focus of being very easy to integrate specially paying a great deal of attention to make the integration process easy and accessible to mainstream customers without a huge technical staff in-house that can spend many hours on integration.

Most applications need web services support and systems that are often connected to suppliers and affiliates or even a fulfillment house. This supply-chain management system is a comprehensive application that is the backbone of many corporations, such as hotel reservation systems, ticketing systems, household goods and appliances, inventory, shipment, delivery, and courier systems, and more.

SecureTrans offers API integration for almost all specialized applications both internally developed or an off-the-shelf application server with a variety of database compatibility and security protection systems. Join many of our happy customers and see for yoursel, how easy it is to use one of our APIs for your merchant account processing integration either front-end Website interface for your shopping cart or a back-end database driven platform.

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