Accept credit card payments from your customers

We made the process even easier by making it simple, quick, and painless. After nearly 15 years in business, we know how to process your merchant account and connect you up with a secure transaction processing payment gateway in as little as couple of days. Our rates are the lowest in industry for a fully secured credit card processing merchant accout without penalties.

Product Features & Description SecureTrans All-in-one SecureTrans Gateway-Only Most Other Providers
Merchant Account      
Internet Rate 1.99% 1.99% 2.2% - 2.8%
Retail Rate 1.09% 1.09% 1.49%+
Setup Fee $0 $0 $100+
Annual Fee $0 $0 $99+
Statement Fee $0 $0 $20/mo
Monthly Fee $10/mo $10/mo $29/mo
Other Fees No hidden fees No hidden fees Other fees
Payment Gateway      
Setup Fee $0 $0 $100+
Annual Fee $0 $0 $99+
Statement Fee $0 $0 $20/mo
Monthly Fee $0/mo $0/mo $29/mo
Other Fees No hidden fees No hidden fees Other fees
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It is easy. It is convenient, for both you and your customers.

Today accepting credit cards in shops, restaurants, airports, hotels, grocery stores, and generally all businesses account for more than 70% of transactions. If you include business-to-business and government card processing, then credit card payments would represent 85% of transactions and more than 90% of volumn. Credit card processing is here to stay and it is growing quite rapidly in the new electronic commerce age.

Accepting credit card payments online

Currently payment processing using online credit card technologies amount to more than $400 billion annually. No one can ignore that without a credit card processing option, a business is losing about 70% of potential sales and that is precisely why almost all merchants are offering payment processing for credit cardholding shoppers.

The first step of accepting credit cards for payment for your goods and services is to obtain a merchant account.

Merchant account is an account you signup for which allows you to take credit card payments for your goods and services from you customers. They give you their credit card information (in person via a card swipe machine or via online or even via telephone) and you process the transaction (securely) via a payment gateway (which can be connected to your Website or your retail (computerized) cash register. The transaction is then autorized, processed, and recorded. Everything is automated and performed in real-time and have various safeguards and security systems for your protection. Your merchant account provider then transfers the money to your business bank account (usualy within 48 hours). That is how you get paid for your goods and services. Of course the are merchant account processing fees that providers and banks will charge you.

The next evolution is being thrusted forwarded by iPhone (and other web-based phones) users and their demand for payment processing via their mobile phones.


Mobile credit card processing is becoming the new credit card

If you are selling goods and services online (orders being processed on your Website), you will have to STOP for one second and take a notice of one fact: mobile (using iPhones, Blackberry, and other web phones) credit card processing is skyrocketing and every major player in the e-commerce industry has noticed the shocking growth.

In 2000, orders via web-based phones accounted for less than $400 million in US and, little more, for the rest of the world. Today it accounts for $162 billion worldwide. By 2015 global payment processing using web-based phones and integrated phone technologies will reach $950 billion. This growth is quite rapid compared to even the growth of the Internet itself.

Wallets will be a thing of the past, almost. New applications are being developed that will allow supermarkets to sell you groceries without cashiers and all you have to do is wave your iPhone against a scanner device and all your groceries (having been already tabulated during your shopping) will be billed to your credit card and there are no lines and no waiting.

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